Moroccan Carpets, Rugs and Textiles

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Antique Berber and Moroccan Carpets

Antique Berber and Moroccan carpets and textiles have become increasingly rare over the past twenty years. Those that remain and are still available to the collector are now being offered online to galleries, interiors designers, private collectors and traders by Yallah Morocco as a selection of the finest traditional pieces. There is a limited supply of these carpets and they are in excellent and authenticated condition

Tribal customs, though disappearing, are kept alive and are still reflected in the brilliant and innovative traditional arts of dyeing and weaving in rural Morocco.

Moroccan Carpets and Rugs Gallery

To help you select and buy a Moroccan carpet, we have provided details of provenance, size and approximate age, and further text describes colouring, tribal symbolism and motifs. Borders, specific details and corners have been accurately photographed. Any carpets or textiles selected for purchase can be examined online, and colourways, knotting and fringes can be guaranteed to be as exact as possible. You can also ask to be sent a large photograph. These carpets and flatweaves are examples from rural areas throughout Morocco. Each is unique and above all they are exciting, colourful and vibrant.

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Tribes, regions and their specialities

Different regions have produced and developed distinctive styles and so further examples will be added to allow a display of the best representative work. To ensure a constant choice, they will be added to from time to time. As pieces are sold they will remain on the site to indicate the depth and range of our Moroccan carpet collection.

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